Harshavardhana – His life, Achievements and Connection with Buddhism

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Today in this post we will discuss about the King Harshavardhana’s (Raja Harsha) biography (his parents’ and siblings’ names), his achievements, the story of war between Harshavardhana Vs Pulakeshin II and his connection with Buddhism and Buddhist councils organised by him. Biography (His Life) Harshavardhana was the greatest ruler of the Vardhana empire. He came to power in 606 CE. Prabhakara … Read More

Short note on Administrative System of Chola Kingdom

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Introduction : Chola administration Cholas had good administrative system. They had a centralised administrative system. King was not absolute. The practice of crown prince becoming the king was in vogue. A council of Ministers assisted the king. The intimate group of the King was called “Udanakootam”. The empire was divided into many divisions (Mandala). During the time of Rajraja Chola I … Read More

Details about Lokayukta and its Powers and Functions

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The first Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Mr. Morarjee Desai recommended for Sweden based Ombudsmen type of institution. Accordingly the center can have Lokpal and states can have Lokayukta. Though the institution of Lokayukta was introduced for the first time in Odisha but it was not able to implement it. Maharashtra was the first state to implement in 1973. It investigates … Read More

Samudragupta : His Military Conquests and Victories

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Samudragupta was the greatest king of the Gupta dynasty who ruled for 40 years. He was an ambitious ruler and wanted to be a “Chakravarti” (emperor). Today we will discuss about his military conquests and victories in North and South India as well as victories grabbed by him over forest kingdoms and in border states. Conquests by Samudragupta Samudragupta is … Read More

Chief Characteristics of the Gandhara School of Art

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Kanishka was a great patron of art. His important buildings and constructions of art are found mostly at Gandhara, Mathura, Kanishkapura and Takshashila. The Kushana period is important for the growth of Gandhara art or otherwise known as the Greeko-Buddhist style. With close contact between two civilizations – the Indian and the Greek, there arose a new school of art … Read More

Basic Details about [P2P] Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

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Entrepreneurs sometimes need money to run or promote their business. For this they have to take loan from individuals or any lending agencies. In the market there are some non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) as well which offer to help such entrepreneurs by proving loan. To facilitate such entrepreneurs, Government has decided to create online P2P platforms so that willing investors might invest … Read More

Why, When and How Names are Ascribed to Cyclones?

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Recently a hurricane named Nate has popped up in news. This hurricane is building up in the Mexico Gulf and is expected to eventually landfall in the US Gulf Cost early in the second week of October, 2017. One may be curious to know why, when and how the storms or cyclones are assigned particular names. Below is provided answers … Read More

Rare Earth Elements and their Uses, Distribution, Hazards

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Rare earth elements are a set of 17 chemical elements. These elements are not exactly rare, but are relatively plentiful in Earth’s crust. In fact cerium, one of such elements, is the 25th most abundant element. But these elements are called rare because they tend to occur together in nature and hence are difficult to separate. History The first rare … Read More

Facts and Explanations regarding Catalonia Referendum

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Spain is a multi-community nation. Some regions of this country have maintained distinct entity on the basis of language, history etc. Catalonia is one of them. Recently this province grabbed political headlines for organizing a referendum for its independence from Spain.  Where is Catalonia located? Catalonia is located on the northeastern parts of Spain, bordered by the Mediterranean and the … Read More