Important Characteristic Features of Chalukyan Architecture

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The Chalukyas of Badami have made marvelous contributions to Indian Art and Architecture. Building of Stambha Mandapa (Navaranga) and Sukhanasi along with the Garbhagriha was a unique contribution of the Chalukyas. They built many temples following the Nagara or North Indian Style and Dravida or South Indian style. They built their temples using red sandstone. They experimented many things in … Read More

Chief Characteristics of the Gandhara School of Art

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Kanishka was a great patron of art. His important buildings and constructions of art are found mostly at Gandhara, Mathura, Kanishkapura and Takshashila. The Kushana period is important for the growth of Gandhara art or otherwise known as the Greeko-Buddhist style. With close contact between two civilizations – the Indian and the Greek, there arose a new school of art … Read More