UPSC 2018 GS Paper 4 – Ethics Questions Download in PDF

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Download UPSC Mains / IAS 2018 exam General Studies Paper 4 – Ethics GS Paper IV in PDF. The final GS paper i.e. Ethics paper was held on 30th of September, 2018 in afternoon session. Question level was moderate. Case study questions seemed to be tricky. Lets have a look. (Date of Exam : 30/09/2018) Time : 2:00 PM – … Read More

[Case Study] Ethics Part 6 – UPSC Solved Questions

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Ethics Case Study Part 6 (UPSC/IAS) In the following questions, carefully study the cases presented and then answer the questions that follow (in around 250 words): Ethics Case Study >>> A renowned and critically acclaimed producer-director has come up with a new movie based on retelling of the freedom movement. The trailer of this project depicts prominent freedom fighters and … Read More

[Case Study] Ethics Part 5 – UPSC Solved Questions

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Ethics Case Study Part 5 (UPSC/IAS) Ethics Case Study >>> There have been reports of repeat instances of mob lynching in different states of India. It has been pointed out that these presumably faceless mobs gather impromptu on the basis of unverified information on issues that affect the collective conscience of the society such as child trafficking, sexual harassment, cow … Read More

[Case Study] Ethics Part 2 – Two Sample Questions with Answers

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Ethics Case Study Part 2 You are a young athlete representing India at an international-level competition. During the competition, you witness a few senior athletes injecting something using a syringe, in private. When you approach them, they explain that it is a performance enhancing drug, which is very common in such competitions and you should take the same as well. … Read More

[Case Study] Ethics Part 1 – Two Model Questions with Answers

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Ethics Case Study Part 1 You have been appointed by Election Commission as a booth level officer to oversee the conduct of elections in a remote and under-developed area. For the preparations of elections, you have been instructed to ensure maximum voter turnout. For this, you conduct a series of meetings with the people in villages encouraging them to vote … Read More

Aristotle’s Idea of the Society and the State as interlinked Institutions

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Man by nature is a political animal – Aristotle According to Aristotle humans are different from animals because they are social as well as political animals. In the given statement there are two components, one is “by nature” which connotes something that is innate and the other one is “political animal” which means the animals who live together in a … Read More

Can a public servant criticize Government Policies?

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Civil Services Conduct Rules, 1964 are provided for a civil servant to maintain absolute integrity, devotion to duty, and political neutrality. Few rules, however, prohibit criticism on the part of government servant. For example, Rule 9 restricts any public servant from publishing “in his own name or anonymously or pseudonymously or in the name of any other person” any “statement … Read More

How Intelligence and Character are Both Important for Complete Education?

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Intelligence in terms of good academic performance has traditionally been coterminous with education. However, it is the character that prepares an individual to face life beyond exams. Intelligence along with character helps a man travel the distance between becoming educated and becoming learned. Gandhiji describes knowledge without character as a sin. Purely intellectual development without commensurate internal character development may … Read More