Policy of Subordinate Isolation (1813-1858)

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In the previous article about Policy of Ring Fence, we discussed the policy of the British with native states up to 1919. Today we will discuss about Policy of Subordinate Isolation. Policy of Subordinate Isolation (1813-1858) Wellesley largely succeeded in making the British the supreme power in India and whatever remained was completed by Marquess of Hastings. After the third … Read More

List of important Constitutional Amendments | UPSC Notes

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Here we are listing some of the important Indian Constitutional amendments. It is very useful for you if you are revising Polity for your next Civil Services/UPSC exam. Information is given in a brief way so you can recall all things very easily.   Like other constitutions of the world, we have also a provision to amend the Indian Constitution according … Read More

Policy of Ring Fence (1765-1813)

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Today, we will try to discuss what is the Policy of Ring Fence policy. The relations of the British with Indian states underwent changes at different times because these were based purely on grounds of expediency. The British never lost sight of their Imperial interests. Therefore, their relations with native states were governed by their interests which varied at different … Read More

The Partition of Bengal : 1905

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The Partition of Bengal The partition of Bengal in 1905 was one measure which created deep discontentment among the Indians, The province of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha was divided into two parts. The original province included western Bengal, Bihar and Odisha and the new province included Assam and eastern Bengal. Curzon pleaded that Bengal was too large a province and … Read More

Lord Curzon : Reforms and the administrative measures

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Lord Curzon had visited India several times before his appointment as the governor-general of India in 1899. It was said that he knew more about India than any other man living at that time. Besides, he was a determined and industrious man. He, therefore, carried out large number of reform measures. But Curzon failed to understand the genuine problems and … Read More

A Brief Note on Ilbert Bill – 1884

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Sir C.P. Ilbert was the Law member of the executive council of the governor-general. He introduced a bill, popularly known as Ilbert Bill in 1883. Before reading further, I would like to make you read this article :- Lord Ripon. Ilbert Bill In fact, Ripon had desired it with a view to abolishing the distinction between the rights of the … Read More

Lord Ripon (1880-1884) – A well-meaning Governor-General

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In 1880, Gladstone, the leader of the Liberal Party in Britain formed the government. He deputed Lord Ripon to India to carry out his liberal policy. Besides, the administrative measures of Lord Lytton had injured the sentiments of Indians and their erupted disturbances at several places. Ripon, therefore, attempted to pacify Indian public opinion. He, therefore, abolished some repressive measures … Read More

Itolizumab (rDNA origin) – A Monoclonal Antibody | UPSC

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Itolizumab (rDNA origin), a monoclonal antibody which was already approved for severe chronic plaque psoriasis, has now been granted Restricted Emergency Use authorisation for COVID 19 patients by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) based on clinical trials data. What is Itolizumab? Itolizumab (rDNA origin) is a monoclonal antibody that is already an approved drug of Biocon for severe chronic plaque psoriasis.  Itolizumab’s unique … Read More

Know about Hagia Sophia Controversy | UPSC

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Recently, the government of Turkey has decided to convert Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia Museum into a mosque. What is Hagia Sophia? Hagia Sophia was built in the sixth century by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, and was a Christian place of worship for nearly 1,000 years before what was then known as Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks after a bloody siege in 1453. … Read More

Know about CogX 2020 and MyGov | UPSC

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India’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled MyGov Corona Helpdesk has bagged two awards at the Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, CogX 2020. From the UPSC point of view, we are giving you some important information.  What is MyGov? MyGov is the world’s largest citizen engagement platform, which facilitates two-ways communication between the Government and Citizen and … Read More