Character and Policies of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan

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Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, the father and the son, differed from each other in character and personality. They differed from each other somewhat in matters of policies as well. But it is wrong to say that the extensive kingdom of Mysore created by Haider Ali was lost by Tipu because of his faulty character and policies. It was purely … Read More

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War (1798–99) : Causes and Results

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The primary cause of the fourth Mysore War was the imperialist policy of Lord Wellesley, though of course, Tipu Sultan too was preparing himself to settle his score with the English. Tipu did not forget his defeat and humiliation at the hands of the English in the third Anglo-Mysore War. He prepared himself to restore his lost power and prestige. … Read More

Third Anglo-Mysore War (1790–92) : Causes and Results

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The relations of the English with the state of Mysore had never been cordial. Haider Ali who had usurped power in Mysore from the hands of its Hindu ruler was favourably inclined towards the French from the beginning. That was one reason why the English always attempted to break his power. When the Nizam of Hyderabad also desired to break … Read More

Second Anglo-Mysore War (1780–84) : Causes and Results

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Hope you have gone through our article first Anglo-Mysore war before reading this article. Today we will discuss the causes and results of the second Anglo-Mysore war. Causes of the second Anglo-Mysore war The cause of the second Anglo-Mysore War (1780-84) was the growing dissatisfaction of Hyder Ali and the Nizam of Hyderabad with the English company. The English alienated … Read More

First Anglo-Mysore War (1766–1769) : Causes and Results

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The state of Mysore rose to prominence in the politics of south India under the leadership of Haider Ali. His father was under the military service of the Hindu king of Mysore and was the jagirdar of Budikot. But he died when Haider Ali was only seven years of age. Haider Ali joined the army of Mysore when he became … Read More

How Wellesley eliminated French influence in India

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Lord Wellesley started from Britain for India when Napoleon had successfully broken the first coalition of European powers against France and was thinking of attacking India with an aim to break the power of Britain which was yet against France in the war. Many diplomats in Europe believed that if British influence over India was eliminated then the backbone of … Read More

Treaty of Bassein (1802) – All you need to know

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In this article we will describe the circumstances leading to the treaty of Bassein, 1802 and will also talk about its consequences. Treaty of Bassein, 1802 : Introduction The internal affairs of the Marathas deteriorated further after the close of the first Maratha War. Nana Fadnavis grew fond of power, jealous of Mahadaji Sindhia and became progressively inclined to seek … Read More

Subsidiary Alliance of Wellesley : Analysis and Assessment

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The Subsidiary Alliance as imposed by Wellesley on the native rulers was the most effective instrument for the expansion of the British territory and political influence in India. Wellesley did not originate it. It was first devised by the French governor Dupleix. He started the practice of providing military help to native rulers in return for money. The English also … Read More

UPSC Mains 2019 – GS Paper 2 Download PDF

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Download UPSC Mains / IAS 2019 exam General Studies Paper 2 – General Studies/ GS Paper II in PDF. The final GS paper i.e. History and Geography paper was held on 21st of September, 2019 in morning session. Question level was moderate. Some questions seemed to be tricky. Lets have a look of this written examination. Syllabus of UPSC GS … Read More