Rising Concerns of Global Internet Shutdowns: Impacts and Solutions

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Why in News? India continued to maintain its top position in enforcing internet shutdowns for the fifth consecutive year as per the report by Access Now and the KeepItOn coalition, which recorded 84 shutdowns in the country in 2022. What are the Highlights of the Report? Global scenario In 2022, a total of 187 internet shutdowns were documented across 35 … Read More

China’s motive behind setting up a new Dry Port in Kazakhstan

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In Khorgos, located on the eastern border of Kazakhstan, China has acquired a dry port through investment. In this area, China’s shipping company, namely Cosco cargo, has now started carrying containers through trains. There is a possibility that this area will develop as a transport-hub in the future. This dry port will help China to reach European countries through one belt one … Read More

Facts and Explanations regarding Catalonia Referendum

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Spain is a multi-community nation. Some regions of this country have maintained distinct entity on the basis of language, history etc. Catalonia is one of them. Recently this province grabbed political headlines for organizing a referendum for its independence from Spain.  Where is Catalonia located? Catalonia is located on the northeastern parts of Spain, bordered by the Mediterranean and the … Read More

Who are Rohingyas? Know about this Conflict and Hot Issue

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Rohingyas are living mostly in Myanmar and present themselves as one of the ethnic minorities of the country. They say that they were Arab traders and shifted to Myanmar many years ago and are living there for generations. But Govt. of Myanmar denies this claim and tries to prove everytime that Rohingyas are illegal immigrants who have come from Bangladesh … Read More

United Nations : Things You Must Know about the UN

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Although, the United Nations is not a nation; neither a world government; nor it has citizens and collects no taxes; has no regular army, but it is nevertheless a great force to keep peace in the world. This is its most important function. It has stopped wars that were already being fought on the battlefield. The United Nations aims to raise the standard … Read More