Causes of The First War of Indian Independence – 1857 Revolt

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The revolt of 1857 has a extraordinary place in the history of India. This event is known by different names such as, “the Sepoy Mutiny”, “The Indian rebellion” and the “First war of Indian Independence”. This was the first joint revolt against the British. It was the end result of the already simmering discontent of Indians against the policies of … Read More

Brief Note on First Anglo-Maratha War (1775–1782)

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As we all know the British East India Company, which was originally a trade organisation, rapidly grew into an imperialistic institution. It fort several wars through the width and length of India. However, towards the end of the 18th century, it faced a great challenge from the Marathas who were very strong in the western and central flanks of the … Read More

Pabna Revolt – An agrarian Revolt (1873-76)

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Anti-moneylender riots were also in Bengal (except in tribal pockets), for here too the mahajan was often the local rich peasant or jotedar whose credit in any case was quite indispensable for production. The zamindar in contrast had virtually no productive role, and claims to “high landlordism” led to wid-spread resistance by substantial raiytats in large parts of east Bengal … Read More