List and Details of Transcontinental Railroad of the World

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What is Transcontinental Railroad?

There are some longest railroad lines which traverse the entire continent either east to west or north to south. They are called transcontinental railroad or railways. List of some of the famous transcontinental railways are given below.

List and Details of Transcontinental Railroad of the World

Trans-Siberian Railway

This railway system lies in Russia. It is the longest railway route in the world at present. It connects Asia and Europe continents, like Moscow with Vladivostok. Through its branches it provides transport facilities from Moscow to the Atlantic coast in the west to the Vladivostok along the Pacific coast in the east. It connects St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Chita and Vladivostok. The total length of this railway is 9,289 kms.

trans siberian railway map

Do you know?

The trans-siberian railway was inaugurated by The Czar Nicolson 1891 and opened for transport in 1904. The most important train Russio runs in the trans-siberian railway. It takes 6 days and 10 hours to complete the journey.

Trans-Canadian Railway

trans canadian railway

There are two continental railway lines in Canada. The trans-canadian railway which run from Halifax in the east to Vancouver on the Pacific coast passing through Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary. It was constructed in 1886 and connects the Quebec-Montreal industrial region and the wheat belt of Prairie region the coniferous forest region in the north. This railway line is the economic artery of Canada through which wheat and meat are exported.

Union and Pacific Railway

This rail line connects New York on the Atlantic coast to San Francisco on the Pacific coast passing through Cleveland, Chicago, Omaha, Ogden and Sacramento.

Chile-Argentina Railway

It is the longest railway line in South America. It connects the Buenos Aires on Atlantic coast and the Valparaiso, a major port on the coast of Pacific. The major junctions along the route are Mercedes and Mendoza.

Australian Transcontinental Railway

This railway route is located in the southern part of Australia as the large interior part is a desert. It connects Perth and Sydney.

Northern Transcontinental Railway

It connects Seattle to New York in USA.

Southern Transcontinental Railway

This line connects Los Angeles to New York.

Canadian National Railway

It is the second transcontinental railway live of Canada. It connects Saint John to Vancouver.

Transcaucasus Railway

This railway line connects Batum to Kursk.

Cape-Cairo Railway

This connects Cape Town to Cairo in Africa.

The Orient Express

This line runs from Paris to Istanbul passing through Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade.

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