What is Land Use Pattern? Types of Land Use in India

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The layout or arrangement of the uses of the land is known as “land use pattern”. The land may be used for agriculture, forest, pasture etc. Land use is determined by many factors like relief features, climate, soil, density of population, technical and socio-economic factors. Land Use Classification Out of India’s total geographical area of 328.7 million hectares, the statistical … Read More

The Challenge of Declining Gender Ratio in India

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Why in News? According to a recently report issued by NITI Commission, Sex-ratio at Birth (SRB) in India declined from 906 in 2012-2014 to 900 in 2013-2015. SRB shows the number of girls born against every 1000th boy. Due to decline in SRB the number of men as compared to women is on the increase in countries like India and … Read More

List and Details of Transcontinental Railroad of the World

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What is Transcontinental Railroad? There are some longest railroad lines which traverse the entire continent either east to west or north to south. They are called transcontinental railroad or railways. List of some of the famous transcontinental railways are given below. List and Details of Transcontinental Railroad of the World Trans-Siberian Railway This railway system lies in Russia. It is … Read More