Inter-State Council – Background and Composition (Article 263)

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INTER-STATE COUNCIL (ISC) – Article 263 Why in News? The Inter-State Council and the standing committee of the Inter-State Council have been reconstituted recently. Background 1. Article 263 of the constitution makes provision for the establishment of an Inter-State Council (ISC). 2. Justice R. S. Sarkaria Commission in its report in 1988 recommended the setting up of Inter State Council. … Read More

Know the Meaning, Importance and Types of Election

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Definition of Election Election is an exercise by which voters choose their representatives to hold public office. It is the primary activity in forming democratic and representative government. Election enables the voters to participate in the political activities of the state and exercise their political rights. Election Meaning The term election is derived from Latin word “eligere” which means to … Read More

Short Note on Hierarchical Order of Central Administration

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Today in this article we will mention about the hierarchical order of Central Administration. The Central Administration of India is run through the Central Secretariat based at New Delhi. Central Secretariat is divided into five parts – Department, wing, division, branch and section. Central Administration The central administration consists of the President, the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers and … Read More