Discovering Two New Layers in Earth’s Mantle – Unveiling the Mysteries of Our Planet’s Interior

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Two recent studies have revealed the existence of two previously unknown layers in the mantle, the solid rock layer located between the Earth’s upper crust and lower core. What are the New Studies Suggest About Hidden Mantle Layers? Through the use of GPS sensors to study deep earthquakes, such as the 2018 Fiji earthquake of magnitude 8.2, researchers have discovered … Read More

The Shape of Earth : Circumference, Diameter and Density

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There are different views/opinions about the shape of earth, such as – flat, spheroidal, oblate, elliptical and geoidal shape. So let’s discuss about the parameters of earth as well as circumference, diameter (polar and equatorial) and density of the earth. Shape of Earth Apart from the earth position in its orbit relative to the Sun, its spherical shape also plays … Read More

Read about the Earth’s Four Spheres with Graphs

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The earth has four main spheres – the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Each system is unique, and each interacts with the other. Today we will try to know definitions of all these spheres with help of some pictures. Geosphere Geosphere is the area from the surface of Earth down to its center. It is divided into three main parts … Read More

Key Features and Distribution Pattern of Rainfall in India

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As we all know India falls in the monsoon climatic region. Rainfall is the backbone of Indian agriculture and economic activities. Below we will have a look at the key features of Indian monsoon as well as its distribution pattern. Features of Rainfall in India Rainfall in India mainly occurs in the months of July, August and September. The Indian … Read More

Brief Note on Indian Climate, Monsoon and Rainfall

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India is a country of diverse climatic regions. Temperature and rainfall differ widely across the length and width of the sub-continent. As we all know, the Indian climate is classified as a Monsoon climate. In fact, Monsoon rules over not only India and Pakistan but also the South-East countries. Interestingly, the rainy season does not cover the entire country uniformly. … Read More

The Ganges Watershed : Features and Economic Activities

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The Ganges Plain lies between the northern edge of the Deccan, which plunges abruptly into the alluvial plain. It is one of the largest plains in the world and stretches almost horizontally for a thousand miles from Amritsar to Calcutta. The whole area is dominated by the River Ganges itself which forms a natural demarcation line between the differing northern and … Read More