Causes of The First War of Indian Independence – 1857 Revolt

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The revolt of 1857 has a extraordinary place in the history of India. This event is known by different names such as, “the Sepoy Mutiny”, “The Indian rebellion” and the “First war of Indian Independence”. This was the first joint revolt against the British. It was the end result of the already simmering discontent of Indians against the policies of … Read More

Harshavardhana – His life, Achievements and Connection with Buddhism

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Today in this post we will discuss about the King Harshavardhana’s (Raja Harsha) biography (his parents’ and siblings’ names), his achievements, the story of war between Harshavardhana Vs Pulakeshin II and his connection with Buddhism and Buddhist councils organised by him. Biography (His Life) Harshavardhana was the greatest ruler of the Vardhana empire. He came to power in 606 CE. Prabhakara … Read More

Chief Characteristics of the Gandhara School of Art

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Kanishka was a great patron of art. His important buildings and constructions of art are found mostly at Gandhara, Mathura, Kanishkapura and Takshashila. The Kushana period is important for the growth of Gandhara art or otherwise known as the Greeko-Buddhist style. With close contact between two civilizations – the Indian and the Greek, there arose a new school of art … Read More