National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Report 2022

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Recent report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

The recently released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report shows that the rate of crime against women (number of incidents per 1 lakh population) has increased from 56.5 percent in 2020 to 64.5 percent in 2021.

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Key points of the report

  1. Crimes against women increased by 15.3 percent in 2021 as compared to the year 2020 (3,71,503 cases were registered in the year 2020 whereas in the year 2021, 4,28,278 cases were registered)
  2. The number of registered rape cases has increased from 28,046 in the year 2020 to 31,677 in the year 2021.
  3. Kidnapping cases have increased from 84,805 in the year 2020 to 1,01,707 in the year 2021.
  4. The overall crime rate (number of crimes per 1 lakh) has fallen down from 487.8 in the year 2020 to 445.9 in the year 2021. However, we see this decrease because in the year 2020, there were more cases of violation of COVID 19 rules (Section 187 of IPC), which decreased in the year 2021.
  5. In the year 2021, the rate of violent crimes was highest in Assam (76.6 crimes per 1 lakh population). It was followed by Delhi (57) and West Bengal (48.7).
  6. Whereas in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu this rate was minimum. The highest increase in violent crimes was observed in Odisha.

National Crime Records Bureau

  1. National Crime Records Bureau works under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  2. The main objective of NCRB is to modernize India’s police system and empower it with latest information technology.
  3. Presently the Director General of NCRB is Vivek Gogia.
  4. NCRB was established in 1986 to act as a repository of information on crime and criminals.

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