A Few Salient Government Development Schemes

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Here we have presented basic information related to various government programmes 1977 onwards. The objectives of the respective government programs/schemes have been outlined as well. Light has also been cast on NIRD. Important details have been provided here with regard to employment schemes related to the rural areas.

List of Few Salient Government Development Schemes

Programme/Plan/Institution Year of beginning Objective/Description
National Institution of Rural Development (NIRD) 1977 Training, investigation and advisory organisation for rural development.
Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme (RLEGP) Aug 15, 1983 Providing employment to landless farmers and labourers.
Self-Employment to the Educated Unemployed Youth (SEEUY) 1983-84 To provide financial and technical assistance or self- employment.
Self-Employment Programme for the Urban Poor (SEPUP) Sept 1986 To provide self-employment to urban poor through provision of subsidy and bank credit.
District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) 1993 To provide financial assistance or rural development.
Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY) Dec 2, 2001 Constructing slum houses in urban areas.
Community Development  Programme (CDP) 1952 Rural area development with people’s participation.
Intensive Agriculture Development Programme (IADP) 1960-61 To provide loan, seeds, fertilizer tools to the farmers.
Green Revolution 1966-67 To increase the foodgrains, specially wheat production
Nationalisation of 14 Banks July 1969 To provide loans for agriculture, rural development and other priority sectors.
Drought-Prone Area Programme (DPAP) 1973 To try an expedient for protection from drought by achieving environmental balance and by developing ground-water.
Crash Scheme for Rural Employment (CSRE) 1972-73 For rural employment.
Food for Work Programme 1977-78 Providing food grains to labour for the works of development
Jawahar Rozgar Yojana April 1989 For providing employment to rural unemployed
Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief Scheme (ARDRS) 1990 To exempt bank loans upto `10,000 of rural artisans and weavers.
Scheme of Urban Micro Enterprises (SUME) 1990 To assist the urban poor people for small enterprise.
Scheme of Urban Wage Employment (SUWE) 1990 To provide wage employment after arranging the basic facilities for poor people in the urban areas where population is less than one lakh.
National Renewal Fund (NRF) Feb, 1992 Protection of PSU employee’s interests
Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) Oct 2, 1993 To provide employment of at least 100 days in a year in villages.
Scheme of Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns Sixth Five Year Plan To provide resource and create employment in small and medium towns for prohibiting the migration of population from rural areas to big cities.
Child Labour Eradication Scheme Aug 15. 1994 To shift child labour from hazardous industries to schools.
Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Programme (PMIUPEP) Nov 18, 1995 To attack urban poverty in an integrated manner in 345 town having population between 50,000 to 1 lakh.
National Social Assistance Programme 1995 To assist people living below the poverty line.
Ganga Kalyan Yojana 1997-98 To provide financial assistance to farmers or exploring and developing ground and surface water resources.
Bhagya Shree Bal Kalyan Policy October 19, 1998 To uplift the conditions of girls.
Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana Sept 25, 2001 Providing employment and food security.
Social Security Pilot Scheme January 23, 2004 Scheme for labourers of unorganised sector for providing family pension, insurance and medical

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