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India’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled MyGov Corona Helpdesk has bagged two awards at the Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, CogX 2020. From the UPSC point of view, we are giving you some important information. 

What is MyGov?

  • MyGov is the world’s largest citizen engagement platform, which facilitates two-ways communication between the Government and Citizen and facilitates participatory governance in India.
  • In the fight against Covid-19, MyGov, JioHaptik Technologies Limited and WhatsApp team collaborated to develop AI enabled MyGov Corona Helpdesk in the record time of five days including weekend.
  • AI enabled MyGov Corona Helpdesk bagged two awards under categories of Best Innovation for Covid-19 – Society and People’s Choice Covid-19 Overall Winner.

What is CogX?

  • It is a renowned Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI & Emerging Technology held annually in London.
  • The CogX Awards are given out to the best-of-the-best in AI and emerging technologies across the world.
  • After a rigorous evaluation, Indian chatbot ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ was chosen among hundreds of entries that made a difference to society during the pandemic.

Scope of AI in India in different areas – For Mains Perspective


In the field of education

  1. Educational software can be adapted to student needs
  2. Artificial intelligence can automate basic activities in education, like grading
  3. It can point out places where courses need to improve
  4. Students could get additional support from AI tutors
  5. AI-driven programs can give students and educators helpful feedback
  6. Data powered by AI can change how schools find, teach, and support students
  7. It is altering how we find and interact with information

Language understanding – The ability to “understand” and respond to the natural language. To translate from spoken language to a written form and to translate from one natural language to another natural language.

  1. Speech Understanding
  2. Semantic Information Processing (Computational Linguistics)
  3. Question Answering Information Retrieval 5. Language Translation

Learning and adaptive systems – The ability to adapt behavior based on previous experience, and to develop general rules concerning the world based on such experience.

  1. Cybernetics
  2. Concept Formation

Problem solving – Ability to formulate a problem in a suitable representation, to plan for its solution and to know when new information is needed and how to obtain it.

  1. Inference (Resolution-Based Theorem Proving, Plausible Inference and Inductive Inference)
  2. Interactive Problem Solving
  3. Automatic Program Writing
  4. Heuristic Search

Robots: A combination of most or all of the above abilities with the ability to move over terrain and manipulate objects.

  1. Exploration
  2. Transportation/Navigation
  3. Industrial Automation (e.g., Process Control, Assembly Tasks, Executive Tasks)
  4. Security 5. Other (Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, Sanitation, Construction, etc.)
  5. Military

Games – The ability to accept a formal set of rules for games such as

  1. Chess,
  2. Go, Kalah,
  3. Checkers, etc., and to translate these rules into a representation or structure which allows problem solving and learning abilities to be used in reaching an adequate level of performance.

For emergency services – When we allow handling emergency to A.I then it is more beneficial for us. Because when some emergency come like

  • Fire and Flood: – then we can send metal or silicon firefighters to save people because they have no danger to loss life, machines can also defy higher temperatures and can tolerate smoke easily and can search easily in close-quarters by using lasers and radar where as people may not be able to see

For Entertainment- We can apply artificial intelligence to the world of music, can make artificial director which see the real world and can generate the stories.

For providing services to customers – Now a day’s, for providing services to the customer artificial intelligence is using in place of human being. When any person does calculation like preparing bill, handling account information he can do calculation error but machine do calculation properly and no mistake is done by the machine.

Searching techniques in artificial intelligence – The main characteristics expert system is to collect information from many sources and collect at one place.

Now Related MCQ


1) Consider the following statements with respect to CogX 2020

  1. It is a prestigious Global Leadership Summit and Festival on World Environment and Wildlife.
  2. It is an annual event held in London.
  3. The Cogx Awards are given to the best-of-the-best governments in protecting the environmental ecosystem.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

a.  2 only

b.  1 and 2 only

c.  1 and 3 only

d.  2 and 3 only


Answer : a

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