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UPSC Prelims 2022 Countdown


UPSC Preparation in Hindi

Everything you could ever need to complete your Civil Services Preparation.

Prelims Practice

We will discuss some tips and tricks to solve questions (MCQs) efficiently in the Prelims exam with the help of elimination method etc.

Mains Practice

Subjective writing in the UPSC Mains is not an easy task. There are some rules and strategies for this. We will provide suitable guidance in this regard.

Interview Preparation

We will provide you some valid tips regarding the way you present yourself and handle tricky situations during the UPSC interview. It will be beneficial for you.

Daily Current Affairs

We provide daily current affairs material based on The Hindu, Indian Express etc. newspapers

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                                My tips to clear Civil Services Exams

patience Civil Services exam tests your patience level no end. So failing in a few attempts does not seal your destiny. It is very possible you're on the verge of the success and you're leaving at that point.

Passion Unless you are craving for something from your inside, it is very difficult to get that thing. Therefore, to get success in UPSC, never let your inner passion be extinguished.

personality Always and each day try to improve your personality. Bring dignity in the manner of speaking. You should consider yourself as a civil servant right from now.

positivity For every kind of success one's mindset requires to be positive. Positivity makes you fit for setting goals as well as achieving the same in the most appropriate way.

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