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In physical Geography, we study a number of natural forms. Of these forms here we will have a look at two very important once vis. Plains and Straits. Plains are those land masses that are relatively flat and are generally products of rivers. They are formed chiefly through the sediments associated with a certain river. On the other hand, straits are a bodies of water which separate two or more pieces of land mass. The number of both plains and straits is fairly large. However below is given a representative list of such natural forms scattered over the entire world.

List of World’s Important Plains

Indo-Gangetic plain of India

It lies in the south of Himalayas stretching from the Sulaiman mountains to the Gargo and Lushai Hills. It is 100 to 300 miles wide. It is a flat and alluvial plain with deep and fertile soil. There is a net-work of roads and railways with the best system of irrigation canals in the world. It is one of the most thickly populated parts of the world.

Llanos (S.America)

The vast plains of the Orinoco basin. In the dry season they are a desert but in the rainy season there is an abundance of grass.

Lombardy Plains 

The most fertile parts of Italy watered by the River Po. They grow corns, fruits and mulberry plants over which silkworm is reared.

Pampas (S. America) 

The wide, treeless, grass-covered plains of the La Plata river system, which are the most extensive pasture lands in the world.


The vast impenetrable forests of the Amazon Valley. It is a region of great heat and heavy rainfall and has the largest forest in the world.


The vast treeless plains of Russia extending from the Caspian Sea eastwards. They are very hot in summer and very cold in winter and have no rainfall.


The swampy plains near the Poles in the extreme north of America, Asia and Europe. They remain frozen for about nine months. Fishing and hunting are chief occupations of the people.

Other important plains are Pampas in Brazil, Veldt in South Africa, Downs in Australia, Prairies in North America, Savannah in Northern Africa and Parklands in East Africa.

List of World’s Important Straits

  1. Behring Strait: Separates Asia from America.
  2. Davis Strait: Separates Greenland from Baffin Island.
  3. Florida Strait: Separates Cuba from Florida.
  4. Makassar Strait: Separates Borneo from Sulawesi in Indonesia.
  5. Malacca Strait: Separates Sumatra from the Malay Peninsula.
  6. Palk Strait: Separates India from Sri Lanka
  7. Strait of Bonifacio: Separates Corsica from Sardinia.
  8. Strait of Bosphorus: Connects the Sea of Marmora with the Black Sea.
  9. Strait of Dardanelles: Connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmora.
  10. Strait of Dover: Connects the North Sea with the English Channel.
  11. Strait of Gibraltar: Separates Spain from Africa.
  12. Strait of Messina: Separates Italy from Sicily.
  13. Strait of Babel Mandeb: Separates Aden from Africa.
  14. Strait of Magellan: Separates Tierra del Fuego from the rest of South America.
  15. Sunda Strait: Separates Sumatra from Java.

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