A Brief Note on Chinese Dynasties – Timeline

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Chinese Dynasties Chinese cities were a wonder to foreign visitors. Chang’an had more than one million citizens, yet its cleanliness was starling. There were public baths, and hot water was sold in the streets for washing. Toilets facilities in houses were fairly basic, emptying into cesspools, but waste was collected in carts every evening and taken away. The Chinese habit … Read More

Outcome of World War II – World History

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In this article we are mentioning few points regarding the outcome or consequences of World War II. As we all know the main theater of conflict was in Europe, hence this war had the greatest impact on this continent. However, the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused big devastation in Asia also. The economic and political repercussions were global. … Read More

Everything related to the League of Nations : Its Role and Failure

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League of Nations was an international organisation which came into existence on January 10, 1920 as a part of Versailles Treaty. Its object was to promote international cooperation and achieve world peace. Its aims were embodied in the Covenant, which also contained fundamental clauses for the prevention and settlement of disputes. The member nations bound themselves not to resort to … Read More

Suez Canal Crisis and Role of United Nations to Resolve this Issue

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As we have already seen in our previous article how the United Nations plays important role in solving international issues. In this article, we are taking the example of Suez Canal Crisis where an important organ of UN i.e. General Assembly played a big role to resolve the issue. The General Assembly of United Nations All member countries are represented in the … Read More

Role of Napoleon Bonaparte in French History and His Downfall

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France, in the period from 1789 to 1799 (French Revolution), moved from absolute to limited monarchy, through radical republicanism, to military dictatorship. Napoleon Bonaparte was a native of the French-owned island of Corsica. In 1796, Napoleon successfully commanded the French army fighting the Austrians and Sardinians in northern Italy. Then he led an expedition into Egypt to cripple England’s trade. … Read More

Important Events, Causes and Results of World War I

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The first World War was waged mostly in Europe. It lasted from 28th July, 1914 to 11th November, 1918. It was originally called Great War. But it came to be known as first World War in reference to the Second World War which took place 20 years later. This war originated in Europe. In this war 70 million soldiers participated … Read More

Must-Know Important Battles of the World 490 BC- 1945 CE

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War is an evil which has ruled the course of History from the ancient times. For several different reasons peoples, tribes and nations have been fighting with each other from time immemorial. We are all aware of such big battles as Mahabharata. Here however we will throw here light on some comparatively notable battles which were waged in the recorded past in the various … Read More