Indigenous Aircraft Carrier “INS Vikrant“ – UPSC Facts

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Indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was commissioned on September 2, 2022 in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The aircraft landing trials on Vikrant will begin in November and will be completed by the middle of the year 2023. The carrier will be fully operational by the end of 2023.

UPSC Syllabus: This topic will come under “Internal Security” of GS Paper 3.

INS Vikrant Specifications

Key facts about INS Vikrant

  1. The length of the Vikrant warship is about 262 meters, its width is 62 meters and its height is 59 meters.
  2. It is also known as Indigenous Aircraft Carrier One (IAC-1).
  3. Its construction started in the year 2009. Its total indigenous content is 76%.
  4. Vikrant is manufactured by Cochin Shipyard, Kerala for the Indian Navy.
  5. Total Cost involved in this: Rs. 20,000 crore
  6. INS Vikrant has over 2,200 coaches, designed for a crew of about 1600 people, including special cabins to accommodate women officers.
  7. Cruising speed: 18 knots (knots), Max speed: 28 knots
  8. INS Vikrant is powered by 4 General Electric gas turbines. It works on Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery Mechanism (STOBAR).
  9. The motto of INS Vikrant is “Jayama Sam Yudhi Spradhah”. It is taken from Rigveda. It means “I defeat those who fight against me”.
  10. With the creation of Vikrant, India joins a select group of countries such as the US, UK, Russia, China and France that have the unparalleled ability to design and manufacture aircraft carriers indigenously.

FAQ about Vikrant

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