Battle of Talikota 1565 CE : Causes and its Results

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The battle of Talikota was a decisive battle in the history of Vijayanagara empire. The battle was fought in a range of 40 kms. This battle was fought between the villages of Rakkasagi and Tangadagi, near Talikota. Hence it was called the battle of Talikota or Rakkasa-Tangadi. Some scholars believe that the decisive battle was fought at Krishna-Bannihatti. Hence it is called the battle of Bannihatti.

Aliya Ramaraya was the leader of the Vijayanagara troops. On the opposite side was the coalition army of Shahi Sultans. This grand army comprised of the troops Adil Shahis of Bijapura, Nizam Shahis of Ahmadnagar, Kutub Shahis of Golkanda and Barid Shahis of Bidar.

Causes for the Battle of Talikota

Supremacy over the Doab region

The fertile Doab region between the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra became a bone of contention between the two powers and hence responsible for this battle.

Religious differences

The religious and cultural differences between the Vijayanagara and Shahi Sultans became one of the causes for the battle.

The policy of Aliya Ramaraya

Ramaraya of the Aravidu family married the daughter of Krishnadevaraya and became famous as Aliya Ramaraya. He became a “defacto” ruler during the reign of Achyutaraya and Sadashivaraya. He interfered in the internal disputes of the Shahis. He followed the policy of divide and rule with the Shahis of Bijapura and Ahmadnagar. The Shahis forgot their enmity and united through various alliances and matrimonial relations. All these events led to the formation of the Grand Shahi confederacy, consisting of Bijapura, Ahmadnagar, Golkonda and Bidar.

Immediate Cause

Ali Adil Shah of Bijapura demanded the return of Raichur from Aliya Ramaraya. Ramaraya refused and asked the Sultan to take it in the battle field. This was the immediate cause for the battle.

Brief of Talikota Battle

The battle was fought on Tuesday, 23rd January, 1565 CE. Aliya Ramaraya, who was about 90 years old fought bravely in the battle. In the beginning Vijayanagara forces gained upper hand. But Ramaraya who was captured by the Shahi soldiers was beheaded and his head was paraded in the battle field. This created panic among the Vijaynagara soldiers. They ran away from the battle field. The Shahi Sultans won the battle. Thus the decisive battle in the history of South India came to an end within a day.


  1. The Vijayanagara empire lost its glory. The successful Shahi army looted the city of Vijayanagara for many months.
  2. The Portuguese were restricted to Goa region without the support of Vijayanagara. It was a setback to their trade.
  3. Religious endowments to centres like Sringeri, Tirupati, Shrishaila and Kalahasti stopped. This was an obstacle to the development of the religion.
  4. Aravidu dynasty, which started its rule from Penugonda and Chandragiri in Andhra Pradesh, was unable to gain control over the region of South India.
  5. The feudatories of Vijayanagara empire like Palegars became independent. This led to the disintegration of Vijayanagara empire.

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  1. It is disconcerting to note that even Historical facts are not spared for narrow political intentions. It is not told that defeat was actually caused due to shifting sides by Gilani’s army which betrayed Vijaynagar. It was a religious call and Gilani shifted side only because of religious appeal. But our secularists have no qualms to even distort history. Another thing which is not mentioned is the loot, plunder, pillage, mass rapes committed by Muslim army on Hindu women. Temples were burnt and huge wealth was looted. Even children were not spared. Hindu women were paraded naked in the streets and than raped in open.

    1. rajah was not a fair man either.he was playing one sultan against the other. when they realised rajahcs duplicity they joined up and defeated him by turning gilani who was supporting rajah till then to revolt against him. a case of smart Alec rajah meeting his comeuppance. truth be told in full. Regarding looting and raping the defeated kingdom has always been par for the course in the world without any exception based on religion of the victor or the vanquished. Rajyam veera bhojyam wasn’t a hindu slogan?

    2. Everytime you have only one thing to say that Hindus were raped. Muslim rulers spared and protected Hindu Women and children as a policy of Islam. Keep jealousy aside to know correct history.

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  3. You’re also converted muslim. I am sorry for you, unfortunately at present also you do not have the right choice. And what’s worse is that you are justifying post-war rapes and murders. No Hindu king had ever done this after winning a war, it is only done by an Islamist criminal.

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